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FIELDTRIP KIZCITY – Discovery of passion

FIELDTRIP KIZCITY – Discovery of passion

During our fieldtrip to Kizcity, WASSers at the kindergarten had a chance to role play as different characters working in their favourite jobs and had a lot of fun playing…

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Life at school

WASSers enjoy the Tet atmosphere at WASS

WASS was alive with action on the first day back after the Tet holiday

After a long holiday, WASSers seem to be energized in returning back to school and continuing their journey to conquer new knowledge…

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Value for life in March: Honesty – Personality foundation for global citizen

Value for life in March: Honesty – Personality foundation for global citizen

In these times there is a belief that our society is a developing one and is continuously changing. A strong and honest personality is both appreciated and required…

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WASS DIEN BIEN PHU CAMPUS - In love with its renewal!

WASS DIEN BIEN PHU CAMPUS – In love with its renewal!

“Every school day is a happy day” – Even more so when the school our children go to everyday has just been refurbished to be a more spacious, more modern, more beautiful and comfortable school…

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An unforgetable trip to Vietnam History Museum

An unforgetable trip to Vietnam History Museum

Walking around Saigon, nobody knows there is also one famous place other than Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens, which we should come to at least once in our life: Vietnam History Museum…

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Accompany your child

Positive teachers can change a generation

School is not only a place where students acquire knowledge and skills but also a place to nurture their love and hope. Many students do not see their teachers as teachers only. But more than that, teachers are looked up as role models for students to reflect and develop themselves…

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Kindergarten Education – Individualised Learning method is applied to develop the soft skills of kindergarteners

At WASS, we strongly believe that each child is exceptional, possessing certain abilities and having particular qualities. Each individual is born to fulfill their purpose in life by pursuing their own passions…

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  11th-12th Mar 2019: Midterm test – Bilingual Program (WAP) 13th-15th Mar 2019: Midterm test – International Program
  Field trip: MADAGUI
  Field trip: NHA TRANG
  Field trip: THAI LAN
  Mid-term Report Cards

Letter from the Academic Team

We are going to take the mid-semester 2 exam. It will be very challenging as it has had many innovations compared to the previous exams. But you should be calm and confident because you will see that the challenge is an opportunity for your progress….

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