The closing ceremony of the first semester for the school year 2015-2016

On January 15th 2016, The Western Australian School System held the Closing Ceremony of the first semester for the school year 2015-2016 in a solemn and warm atmosphere, participating were members of the School Board, Teachers and over 300 students from 22 nationalities across the world. It was a time for everyone to look back at our big steps in learning and achievements during the past.


After 5 years of establishment and change, The Western Australian School System (WASS) has become a second home for hundreds of students coming from 22 different countries like India, Korea, and Japan… Being one of the two schools that are officially recognized by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to teach the Western Australian curriculum in Vietnam, WASS has continued to impress, and has achieved many new milestones. In particular, The Western Australian Primary and High School, along with the new kindergarten is to be officially renamed and will now be known as The Western Australian School System (WASS), which is an important step forward in our development, and provides a clear education pathway from kindergarten to grade 12. It also encourages our beloved students at WASS to be more confident in international competition.

With the goal of bringing active lessons, promoting creativity, building confidence for our students, during the last semester, The Western Australian School System conducted a special training day for Teachers, with the participation of Professor Michael Lavin, a Board Member of the Psychological Association of Chicago, US. He explained and updated WASS teachers on modern and flexible teaching methods and skills.

Along with academic knowledge, the WASS students were equipped with the necessary qualities and values of global citizens through the character education curriculum, and the first 5 stages in the first 5 months of the school year: bravery, kindness, attentiveness, obedience and enthusiasm.

“Learning through games” activities through drawing, singing, dancing, playing sports, also helps the students enhance creativity, and intelligence as well as nurture many talents at an early age. Especially, “classrooms without a room” are where the school provides interesting and educationally rich environments, which help WASSers to leave traditional classrooms to experience and learn life and team work skills, as well as enjoying themselves in nature to enrich their souls – a foundation of building one’s personality.

At WASS, an investment in education is a long-term and firm journey, not only to help the students to build, and understand necessary and basic knowledge, but also boost to their confidence, so that they can have international dreams. Lastly, The Western Australian School System would like to wish our WASS community continued good health, so that we can prepare for the challenges ahead.

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