A Merry Christmas with the traditional “Christmas Fair”

On December 01, 2023, WASS community had memorable experiences at the traditional “Christmas Fair.” With various engaging activities, the fair provided WASSers with moments to relax, have fun, and immerse themselves in a warm and loving Christmas atmosphere.

In the chilly weather of the last days of the year, the Christmas atmosphere has spread throughout the WASS campus, bringing warmth and joy to the entire Western Australian International School System community. Christmas at WASS has become even more vibrant with the “Christmas Fair” – an integral activity that is part of the “Jingle Twinkle Fiesta” Christmas event series.

The Christmas Fair brought WASSers a vibrant and warm Christmas atmosphere. Here, they were able to enjoy themselves, shop, and watch amazing artistic performances. Moreover, the Christmas Fair became even more beautiful and meaningful when all proceeds were donated to the “Empower the Next Generation” Community Fund to implement projects under the overall project “Yên Bái, For a Better Tomorrow.”

To better understand the specialness of the “Christmas Fair,” let’s listen to the sharing of WASSers about their thoughts after participating in the fair!

“The fair was great; there were lots of delicious foods and cute items, and the decorations were beautiful too. It’s amazing that we can enjoy the fair while helping raise funds for charitable causes at the same time.” – Lê Quỳnh Anh – WACE11 shared.

“The atmosphere was really lively but also incredibly cozy, with both teachers and students gathered around the stalls. I feel very happy and touched because this fair not only brings students wonderful experiences, but it also carries noble and humanitarian values. I hope I can spread a little warmth to the children in the highlands.” – Võ Thành Minh – BWA-NS-11A shared.

“For me, the recent Christmas Fair was a truly memorable experience, providing me with many fond memories before I leave my beloved Western Australian International School System after 12 years of attachment. The fair was not only a great opportunity for the WASS community to bond together, make new friends, and share joys and learning experiences, but also a chance for us to showcase our artistic talents. In addition, through this activity, I and my friends were able to donate to the School’s Community Fund. I believe that these meaningful activities of the School will continue to spread and contribute to building a better society filled with love.” – Lê Thái Phương Anh – BWA-12A shared.

“That day, I had a lot of fun with my friends. I visited all the stalls and bought myself some cute gifts. But what I like the most is to experience making handmade items. I made a Christmas sock from felt papers to give to my mother. I hope the School will organize many more meaningful and interesting fairs like this.” – Nguyễn Tăng Nhật Bảo – BWA-3G shared.

The School hopes that the entire WASS community had memorable moments and enjoyed the warm Christmas atmosphere at the “Christmas Fair.” Let’s continue to join the School to ignite the flame of love in upcoming activities.

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