Tet 2022 - Year of the Tiger is coming to WASS...

..because the atmosphere of Tet is already filled with excitement all over WASS Town!

A new spring has arrived in every part of our country, the moment of transition between the old year and the new year is coming very close. This time of year is considered a precious moment for our WASS Community to look back on the journey of 2021 - a year full of challenges but also countless achievements.

In addition to beautiful memories to cherish the present, the old year also left each of us with valuable lessons. These lessons are the most valuable "luggage" for us to enter the journey of new year, with new energies, ready for the journey of conquering knowledge ahead. Then, when looking back at the previous year with all kinds of emotions, the WASS community can proudly smile and get ready to welcome the New Year of the Tiger 2022, ready for the positive things awaiting with a better "version" of each individual - NEW YEAR, BETTER ME!

Let's greet the new spring, enjoy Tet and explore WASS Town by beginning with all the folk games below!

Discover Traditional Culture

During Tet holidays, the Lunar New Year is considered the most important and special day of the Vietnamese people. No matter how busy people are to prepare for Tet, over thousands of years, despite many changes in life, the traditional customs and habits of Vietnamese people to celebrate Tet have always been preserved.

One of the special features of Tet at WASS is the image of the traditional Tet. From the Five-fruit tray, red parallel sentences,... What other customs do WASSers know? Let’s share with WASS in the Spring Festival livestream!

And now, let's "check" how we "understand" about Tet through interesting games!

Folk Games

Our generation must be very familiar with the development of the world of technology along with the appearance of countless video games on the Internet, computers, smartphones... However, the traditional Tet holiday in Vietnam at WASS will give students experiences about folk games, giving you a fresh and vivid look at folk games in particular, and typical Vietnamese culture in general.

Let's experience the combination of modern and traditional by playing online folk games at WASS Town!

Tet Art Exhibition

Tet is the scent of jam or cakes, of sticky rice cakes; is the moments of reunion, happy and memorable reunion with family on Tet holiday after a year of hard work and study;... Surely, each of us has our own beautiful memories for Tet.

An extremely cute and creative set of pictures inspired by Vietnam's traditional Tet made by WASSers is being displayed at the 2022 Tet Art Exhibition.

Through each picture, WASSers recreate and bring people indescribable emotions when thinking about Tet, reminiscent of enjoyable and quiet experiences like seeing their own beautiful memories in the new year. Let's enjoy the New Year of WASSers shown through each picture!

Spring Festival

Tet is a season of sharing, joy with relatives and friends, red envelopes and best wishes for the new year. TET is the most special gift of the year for all of us.

Tet at WASS is very exciting when all students mingle in music, dance, and learn about national traditions. Let’s join the Livestream, share joy, laughter and New Year wishes with the "big family" of WASS!