So our WASSers have officially returned to school after a long holiday. WASS has been well-prepared and ready to welcome WASSers back to school for fun and effective learning.

“I miss the school, where I can meet my dear friends and teachers every day. I really hope to be able to return to school very soon ” – That is the narration during the pandemic COVID-19 of Phan Bao Anh, a student of class WA10. That’s why, on this comeback, all WASSers are very happy and excited to meet their teachers and friends.

They are conscious to keep distance in social interaction, undertake a body temperature check, and wash their hands thoroughly following instructions from the school medical staff. In addition, students have their own personal items such as water bottles, medical masks and hand sanitizers. It is expected that students continue to follow medical procedures to ensure the health and well-being of themselves and the surrounding community.

Meanwhile, WASS teachers have instructed WASSers about disease prevention measures and have implemented the school’s disease prevention plan for students, as well as urgently reviewing the content for the upcoming 2nd Semester Exam and National High school examination. For those who have not returned to school yet, WASS will continue to execute an online learning program to ensure their education.

Finally, thank you to all parents and WASSers who have always supported, stood side by side and cooperated wholeheartedly with WASS over the past few months. The school is committed to providing the students with a safe, modern, dynamic learning environment that nurtures global citizens and talented leaders in the future.

👋Thank you and Welcome back to WASS!👋