STEAM is known to be one of WASSers’s favorite classes, students can be creative and let their imagination run wild. STEAM increases interaction between students and teachers and helps introduce them to advanced technology. Let’s visit a WASSers’ STEAM class: “How to build the Eiffel Tower with a 3D Pen”.

STEAM Education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. US Employment Statistics predicts in the next 10 years, the period from 2012 – 2022, the employment rate of STEAM-related jobs will increase dramatically due to its practical aspects and implications.

This method aims to develop students’ risk-taking, problem-solving, creativity and team building. These abilities are extremely important for innovators, educators, and future leaders.

3D Pen shape forming technology is one of many advanced tools that is now applied in STEAM classes at WASS. With only a 3D Pen, students can choose their own colours, sizes and shapes for their towers. After accomplishing 3 sides of the project, they can combine and connect the pieces to finish their Eiffel Towers.

Despite being new to this type of lesson, WASSers prove to be quick learners and are quickly mastering the 3D Pen in a short period of time. Some demonstrated their hidden art talent with unique ideas. Final products have various shapes and sizes, are colorful and full of innovative ideas.

STEAM at WASS strives to improve and update more interesting subjects, in order to develop critical thinking along with nurturing students’ technological involvement through practical and experienced exercises. This method is focusing on new-found knowledge but also enhancing new skills and abilities. These approaches are the foundation for our students to study efficiently, adapt quickly to the changing world and preparing for the job market, especially in this era.