The first and foremost value that WASS intends to educate the generations of students with the international ideology to pay respect to the national tradition and other countries’ ones.


All of the traditional values are fully preserved in the active, modern, and integrated studying environment at The Western Australian International School System.  This is one of the most important missions in education in WASS.

WASS has already held a field trip to Nha Rong Wharf, City Museum and enjoyed folk plays at the IDECAF theater.

During the trip, students had a chance of reliving once again in the heroic time of the nation. This was delivered through students’ views, through the trip students explored and equipped the lessons about all of the cultural and historical values of Vietnam, beautiful one, through their own views by themselves, not just the stories, pictures illustrated in the pages that students read about on a daily basis.


After the trip to Nha Rong Wharf and City museum, students had the chance of enjoying the featuring plays at the IDECAF theater. The artists have described the historical stories through live performances in combination with majestic music. The play has brought the WASSers a lot of laughter and joy and the most important fact is that the history and culture of the nation are described to students in a more realistic way than usual.  

The trip ended and left WASSers many feelings and thoughts! This is not just a trip, but it’s a “return”. The WASSers have truly been relived with the heroic and proud moments of the nation’s history through stories, artifacts covered in dust, statues in the most vivid and emotional way. All are explored, witnessed, and enjoyed by students by themselves in the fullest way. 

Through the trip to historical sites and enjoyed the traditional and national opera, WASS hopes to bring our students precious lessons on the history of Vietnam. It also helps students to expand their understanding of cultures, richly national history and to take the useful knowledge to their own mental treasure.