Our WASSers got creative with Halloween by wearing mysterious costumes, dressed up as characters, and extremely exciting activities and games.

Originally from England, Halloween is a traditional festival held on the night of October 31 every year. On this day children will dress up in costumes and go from house to house, knocking on the doors, asking for a “trick or treat”.

With its mystery and fun, Halloween has become an annual cultural event for WASS students. Along with learning about the traditions of Western countries, students have also promoted creativity and strengthened their solidarity through activities, individual and collective games.

With their creativity and imagination, the WASSers have transformed into many impressive characters. In addition to make-up activities, the students also played collective games with Halloween themes.

This is one of the exciting extracurricular activities organized annually by WASS, bringing moments of fun and relaxation for students in addition to the regular study time. Not only playing and enjoy time with friends, but they are also encouraged to be creative, proactive, and practice collective solidarity through these activities. That is the foundation for each student to develop comprehensively and confidently integrate with the world.