WASSers from years 6 to 8 went on a field trip to experience one of the most beautiful bays in the world – Nha Trang City. This activity helps our students cultivate their knowledge of geography and history, thereby enhancing their love for our S-shaped land. The 3-day, 2-night trip to Nha Trang is a unique experience where the students get a chance to stop and explore places along the way to Nha Trang, sightseeing some of the country’s most famous historical sites such as Ong Dia stone beach, Nha Phu Bay, and Ponagar tower. This experience cultivated and strengthen the geographical, historical and cultural knowledge of our WASSers. Direct observation makes knowledge simpler and more receptive and promotes longer memorization. This trip also carries an important message as it supported “Earth Hour” with extremely meaningful activities integrated throughout the trip. This activity aims to raise the students’ awareness of the need to protect planet Earth, and the importance of such activities to be replicated within the WASS community and society in general. The gala dinner with the theme “Friendship’s embrace” left a mark with the students as they eagerly and passionately participated in game shows and gathering and having fun around the campfire. The students enjoyed their time together, enjoyed the fresh air and the chance to relax after their busy days of studying in class. The trip was not very long, but WASS believes that our WASSers have gained themselves many good memories and practical life experiences that will allow them to grow more affection to the people and the landscape of Viet Nam. Let’s take a look at the beautiful images of this trip with WASS.