With the serious impact of the acute respiratory infection epidemic caused by the new strain of Coronavirus (nCoV), all facilities of the Western Australian International School System are implementing measures to prevent the spread of flu.

According to the missive, currently, the disease of acute respiratory infections caused by a new strain of Coronavirus (nCoV) have seriously affected on health, there is no specific treatment vaccine and has spread and “raging” in many countries and territories, including Vietnam. This is a new and dangerous epidemic, potentially spreading and outbreaking very high. Up to now, Vietnam has 10 cases positive for nCoV, of which 3 have been cured and discharged.

At the Western Australian International School System, identifying the prevention of disease caused by the new Corona strain is a key and urgent task to focus on organizing a training on surveillance, diagnosis, treatment and communication prevention epidemics, with the spirit of “fighting against epidemic like fighting against the enemy”, are absolutely not subjective. Determined to control and prevent the epidemic from appearing and spreading throughout WASS campuses.

On the morning of February 5, the training program on inspection and prevention of epidemics for all teachers and staff were taking place. At the training course, everyone was updated with knowledge about: Situation of acute pneumonia caused by new strain of nCoV; Guidelines for surveillance, diagnosis, treatment and communication on prevention and control of acute pneumonia caused by new strains of nCoV; Individual protective measures against the prevention of acute pneumonia caused by new strains of nCoV …

Not only that, the school also organizes health checks, prepares specific plans for each facility such as checking equipment and tools such as body temperature gauges, medical masks, medical gloves, dry hand sanitizer, paper towels, floor cleaners … Ensure cleanliness and disease prevention throughout the school system.

Along with the prevention in the school to ensure students’ health, hopefully parents and students will apply additional methods to prevent the flu at home by referring to the official methods from the Ministry of Health.