To celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 11.20.2014, WAPS has organized many activities, emulation movements to all students in school.

Making wall newspaper is one of the activities organized by WAPS in order to honor the teacher and to arouse moral tradition of respecting teachers… This operation is considered as indispensable one on November 20th of the students to thank their teachers, who have taught them.

Students give these colorful wall newspaper works to their teachers

Students give these colorful wall newspaper works to their teachers


Cute work of grade 1 teachers and students

This is the wall newspaper of students from grade 2

Works of the students in grade 3

Colorful wall newspaper of grade 4 students.

Simple but meaningful with the work of the students in grade 5

The sixth graders’ work with their impressive wall newspaper

A wall newspaper work of the students in grade 7

The 8th grade students also take pictures of their work on wall newspaper

Work of 9th graders

Impressed with work made of clay from students in grade 10

WAPS’ students had the particular investment, preparation in both content and form of each work to send meaningful gifts to their teachers. Greetings, words shared by the students sending in all works are very cute and meaningful. Anh Thu, a grade 2 student, sent to her teacher a cute greeting: “Wish you more beautiful. Wish you healthier. Wish you happier. Wish you taller. Wish you joyful. Wish you lucky. I love you! “.

This is an opportunity for them to promote creativity and imagination.

Cute and meaningful greetings are sent in each work.

This is truly meaningful gift that the WAPS’s students give their teachers

Activity of making wall newspaper is an opportunity for students to promote their creativity and imagination, as well as express gratitude to teachers, contribute to preserving meaningful traditions.