University application tips – Not as difficult as you think

“The portfolio is just the encapsulation of both a journey of finding your own direction and a well-invested plan to get what you really want.” – shared by Truong Xuan Trang Anh, a freshman at Foreign Trade University.

Making a college application is also an important part that 12th graders have to do.

Year 12 is the most memorable school year for students, a school year full of difficulties and even a lot of pressure. The thing that I feel most honored and happy is when I hold the application file to apply for university. From my own experience (as an alumnus), we should not only focus on each application, but the whole process of self-discovery. You should prioritize the major you like first, then choose the school. It is not necessary to go to the top schools, as long as it is a field that you like, wherever you study, you will still be interested in learning and passionate about it. Think about what made you want to be a student at that school. The portfolio is just a piece that encapsulates both a journey of finding your own direction and a well-invested plan to get what you really want.

For a profile as a self-portrait, paint a self-portrait in many angles and colors, just like artists before painting need to sketch the layout and choose colors. mainstream. Once you decide to choose, then you have to try and work hard to achieve the goal you choose. The process of making a profile is the process of understanding yourself better than anyone else, thinking about the development journey from the past to the present and the future. This is also the process for you to self-assess and listen to other people’s assessment of your strengths and limitations, and choose a place to study as well as an industry that you love. In addition, when making your application, you will encounter questions such as why did you choose this major, what are your goals after completing your studies, what can you contribute to your family and country. No one is perfect, so once you have decided to choose, you must strive for success. Wish you choose a suitable school and a favorite profession to shine your future and purpose. Wishing you every success on your future journey ahead.

Post by former student: Truong Xuan Trang Anh – Grade 12



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