This term the students of the Dien Bien Phu preschool had a memorable trip at Dam Sen Amusement Park on the 4th of January.

During the New Year’s trip field, the children of Dien Bien Phu Kindergarten had an enjoyable day of playing which kicked off the festival of Child Development at Dam Sen Cultural Park – an attractive destination right in the city.

The children journeyed around the park on the aerial train to explore nature and the beautiful scenery on the welcoming of the new year 2019. They also joined friends in fun games, set foot in the world of circus animals with elaborate performances.

The year-end picnic helped young people gain confidence and connect with friends to form positive habits and behaviors when participating in social activities in society. As well as this the pre school students were able relax and have fun to enter a new semester with many useful things ahead.

The kids had some lovely moments on this trip!