After the first month of the new school year, students of Western Australian Primary and High school (WAPS) had their first field trip. The primary students went to the Evil Village of Three Broom Town, an entertainment and education model that was built based on European mythology architecture in the Middle Ages.

At the Evil Village, the students had an opportunity to enjoy themselves in a fantastic world where they saw familiar images in the mythological stories. Moreover, they also participated in exciting activities such as sewing, baking, making dolls, building wooden house, drawing, making mosaic, etc.

 Making_and_creating_things_by themselves

Making_and_creating_things_by themselves_1

Making and creating things by themselves

The activities were followed by hunting treasure games and watching a movie. Through the game, the students of WAPS showed their intelligence and logical thought to find the treasure quickly. After playing this game joyfully, these students enjoyed themselves in the world of magical fairy tales.

On the other hand, the high school students had a memorable day at Bamboo Vietnam. Apart from enjoying themselves in the cool air and nature, they participated into team building activities.

While the Zipline game challenged their bravery, passing obstacles and dart required perseverance and determination of these excited participants. In the afternoon, these students relaxed in the cool water, Kayaked, and rode water bicycles in the river.


The teamwork activities helped students to get closer and closer


Enjoy themselves in the pool

The Western Australian Primary and High school believes that such field trips will be a real experience for them to gain more skills and help them appreciate what they have in life. What WAPSERs can learn in these “CLASSES WITHOUT WALL” is far beyond knowledge that they can learn in the class.