High technology is one of the most important fields that plays as the backbone of The Western Australian International School System’s education. In Mid-Autumn Festival 2019, WASSers have applied their knowledge they have learnt in Robotics in order to mould the models of Mid-Autumn Lanterns

Robotics is the subjects which orients the students in the Science, technology and technical matter. Using the coding language, as well as using robots and other coding tools to illustrate the practical working environment that’s what students have been taught in Robotics. 

STEAM techniques which based on WASS International Educational Program that have been applied in this subject which is one of the most favorite subjects of WASSers. The reason for the students’ interests in this subject is not only the chance of approaching the coding languages and knowledge, digital technology but also practicing, experiencing and freely creating the knowledge taught by tutors and teachers at WASS. 

Making the models of lanterns as well as the performance witnessed by friends, teachers and parents in the event of Mid-Autumn Festival is the evidence of their ability to absorb and learn from Robotics.  

WASSers knew to apply their knowledge they have learned by heart intelligently in the combination of logical thinking skill and their imagination in order to build the models with the aesthetic value, meaningful and high applicability.

The featured show of lanterns made by talented WASSers during the Moon festival had brought the surprise, as well as the proud towards WASS community. They made the considerable contribution to excitement and the meaningfulness of Mid-Autumn Festival at the Western Australian International School System.   

Through Mid-Autumn Festival 2019, WASSers have a chance of showing their talents and abilities in Robotics and technology. In upcoming time, WASSers’ talents and passion on Robotics will be shown in the myriad of competitions and contests held by WASS.