Sexuality education seminar

High school-love on is always a major concern to school and parents. We worried because this is their mature period. They are immature in thoughts and actions, easily influenced from outside if they are not oriented correctly.
To help students have a correct view of gender and high school love, the Western Australian Primary and High School will hold a sexuality education seminar with Associate Professor PhD. Huynh Van Son.

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Sexuality education seminar
Through the exchange, the children will be supported accurate view of gender and high school love, how to maintain a pure high school love and the consequences they will face if following wrong direction.Information of seminar:

Subject: Sexuality education

Speaker: Associate Professor PhD. Huynh Van Son.

Participants: Secondary and High School Students

Time: 02:00pm, 10 September , 2015

Location: Indochina building Hall, 157 Ly Chinh Thang street, Ward.7, District.3, HCMC.


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