SEA Olympiads 2022

WASSers shine and make their mark on SEA Olympiads 2022.

SEA Olympiads is a combination of international competitions in Mathematics, Science, and English for K-12 students. This competition aims to create a useful playground to promote talent and knowledge of students through specific topics. There are 03 main parts of competition:

  • International Mathematics Olympiad Competition of Southeast Asia – IMCSEA
  • Global English Language Olympiad of SouthEast Asia – GELOSEA
  • International Science Olympiad Competition of Southeast Asia – ISOCSEA

In this year’s competition, surpassing thousands of participants around Vietnam, WASSers have excellently achieved more than 120 individual rewards

  • 3 Diamond Awards
  • 15 Gold Awards
  • 21 Silver Awards
  • 58 Bronze Awards
  • 33 Honorable Awards

This achievement helps WASSers earn medals and certificates of the competitions. Moreover, the highest scores participants will be honored to represent Vietnam to attend the international round in December.

Each competition is the opportunity to practice and gain knowledge and skills, as well as apply theory to practical circumstances. Experiences in an international competition as SEA Olympiads will certainly provide great preparations for WASSers on the upcoming journeys. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!

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