WASS system focuses on investing and building separate campuses for each level: Kindergarten, Primary – Middle School and High School, situated at the central areas of the city.

At WASS, students can find everything they need at any of the 5 campuses in our system, including libraries, laboratories, research labs, theaters, cafeterias, and well-equipped sports courts. With great investment in school equipment, WASS is hopeful that this will be the ideal learning environment for young pupils of future generations.

With modern design accompanied by a full range of facilities that meet international standards, each Campus displays a dynamic learning space with airy classrooms and specialized function rooms such as Music room, Art room, Robotics room, Makerspace, science labs, libraries, theaters … and spacious green playgrounds ensuring students’ convenience while studying at school. The administrative offices are where WASS welcomes parents and students, helping them to learn about the school or meet with the Academic Council and the Board of WASS.

We are still continuing to expand and renovate the campus, focusing on sustainability and better use of existing spaces. Each facility will contribute to the overall development of the WASS community, which welcomes multi-national students, teachers, staff and visitors to study and work in a green, open and inspiring environment.

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