The strongest stage of children’s language development is in their first years of life, and this is considered to be a good time for them to start learning English. So which is the right approach for parents to help children get to know English from the first steps? Let’s find out with Western Australian School System! The 4V’s method: Variety of activity, a variety of pace, a variety of organization, a variety of voice. Preschool children often have a shorter attention span than older students which means they cannot concentrate for too long. Therefore, this 4V’s method ensure to catch these little students’ attention through a variety of activities, form, tone, and speed of communication while learning and playing with them. Direct contact with native speaker method This is the best method to help your child develop their self-confidence, foreign teachers’ participation encourages children to develop the language effectively. On the other hand, listening to the native language directly helps children develop his or her skills in the right direction and train their natural reflex.
Visual method Children’s thinking is usually intuitive, so it is more effective when your child is exposed to English with visuals, sounds, body language and animated visual activities. Besides, we can ingeniously integrate English and entertaining songs and films to help children be more excited and understand the lessons easily. Above are the three typical methods to help your children be well acquainted with English, the Western Australia International School System hopes that these methods will help parents and teachers in the process of nurturing and teaching children.