Dear Parents and Students of the Western Australian International School System,

Due to the complicated situation arising as a result of  COVID – 19 both nationwide and worldwide, WASS has entered the second phase of COVID-19 prevention. Since the time students have not been able to go to school due to the pandemic, all students and teachers miss the school, their classes, and friends a lot. However, to ensure personal and community health, we need to stay at home and start to adapt to new learning methods. Changing the learning environment and the methods might create difficulties and challenges for students, parents as well as teachers.

In addition to enhancing traditional learning, all WASS teachers have put great efforts to acquire new knowledge and learning techniques for their online learning classes. Hence, it helps students consolidate lessons during the time spent at home because of the pandemic. In addition to the regular lessons, there are lessons promoting health protection and intellectual games that enrich the learning content and inspire the WASSers.

During this time we need to join forces in our studying practices to ensure knowledge and good health. This is also an opportunity to enhance students’ skills in self-learning. For early-years students, parents will have more time to be with their children as well as learn and explore the world with them. Henceforth, the school strongly believes that the WASS community still continues to do their g best in learning and teaching, and together we will soon overcome the difficulties. Regardless of this challenging situation, we can keep learning in one way or another. As learning is a lifelong experience and no matter how many things have changed, the WASS community will hold hands and move forward together, towards a brighter and better future. The way we choose to respond to the pandemic today will determine the path we will take in the future. So why don’t we choose an optimistic one for our future pathway, so we grow and flourish?

“We act for the community and the community acts for us”. We hope that parents, teachers, and students at WASS will work together, side by side, fighting and lighting up hope to conquer our challenges. 

The Western Australian School System School Board