Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear Parents and Students,

Exciting, fun, experience, and love are the prominent keywords which were used by WASSers to describe their April.

In April, students had an opportunity to release their energy with many interesting activities. With the series of activities on Pink Day, they spread meaningful messages to everyone. Immersed in the pink of WASS, all classes created an image with a message against school bullying. Moreover, talented students also satisfied their passion for design through the “Pink Shirt Design” contest in order to create a pink shirt with the topic “Anti Bullying”. One of the most impressive activities on Pink Day is hand-printing to show the promise “NO VIOLENCE or BULLYING AT SCHOOL”.

Special holidays are the connection among WASSers of all grades, where they can interact and connect to each other, together creating a friendly community. And we cannot ignore another special holiday in April which is Easter. Students joined funny and interesting traditional games on Easter Day, contributing to exchange and learn about the Western culture. Easter Egg Hunt, dyeing experiment with Eggsperiment or observing the interesting chemical reactions in Egg the Bath Bomb brought precious moments of relaxation and laughter.

Besides, WASSers participated in recycling plastic bottles to plant trees, using the space to create a green area at school. It is also a corner for WASSers to experience practical learning. And there are plenty of meaningful and useful activities for students participating and experiencing.

April gave WASS students a positive source of energy to welcome the following month. Before coming to the exciting summer, WASSers have to pass their semester final exams. Wish you all the best in studying in order to complete the exams well. And then, we can enjoy a perfect summer!

Best regards,

The Board of Principals of WASS.

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