Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear Parents and Students,

The Western Australian School System is honoured to welcome members of the WASS family to officially return to school after a period of separation,

The school grounds and corridors of WASS that morning were filled with sounds of emotion. The students are extremely excited to meet their teachers and friends. The joy reflected in their eyes and smiles behind the mask. In the exciting atmosphere of back to school day, WASS still did not forget to ensure safety measures to prevent epidemics for students. The school has cleaned and disinfected classrooms, equipped with necessary medical equipment as well as trained teachers on ways to ensure maximum health for the students.

After the pandemics, WASS not only teaching the students lessons for intellectual development, but also prepares students for new knowledge such as: Lessons on health protection, lessons about sharing… And above all, the spirit of self-study and self-training in any condition. Each teacher at WASS is still constantly connecting and loving so that the students return to class with a balanced, happy attitude, helping them to study but still ensure safety.

In addition, understanding that after a long time of separation, students have gotten used to the routine at home and limited social interaction, the school is extremely concerned in emotional connection, spiritual values ​​of the members of the class. Learning activities are maintained, exciting, constructive and psychologically supported for students, creating a sense of happiness, excitement and connection for each student in the classroom, which is supported by teachers and the Board of Principals. We aim for happy classes from happy students and teachers.

Once again, WASS would like to thank the parents and students for always trusting and accompanying the school during the past time. This is a great motivation for WASS to constantly try and perfect to bring the most advanced, modern and safe educational path for students.

Hopefully, in the coming time, our community can study enthusiastically and have many interesting experiences.

Best regards,

WASS Board of Principals



If you have any concerns, please contact us.