Letter from the Board of Principals

Dear Parents and Students of the Western Australian School System,

In the welcoming atmosphere of the 2022 – Year of the Tiger, the Western Australian School System would like to wish you all a new year of great health, happiness and success. 

The year 2021 ends with many difficulties for the country in particular and the world in general, but it is also a year of proud achievements and full of memories of the WASS community. By applying technology to teaching and learning, WASS teachers continue to spread the learning passion and knowledge to students during the time they were away from school.

Amidst the “low notes” in the COVID-19 epidemic, the WASS community collectively shared and made efforts to spread positive values ​​in society through volunteering and fundraising activities for children in difficult circumstances because of the COVID-19 epidemic through a series of Christmas and New Year activities.

The Western Australian School System would like to thank the companion, sympathy and understanding of parents and students throughout the year. It is thanks to the continuous support and companionship of parents and students that we are able to create an educational environment that nurtures, connects, and imparts knowledge to generations of students.

Entering the new year, WASS hopes that we will continue to promote our achievements, improve governance efficiency so that we can develop sustainably according to the set orientation. The school will also continue to improve the quality of teaching and the qualifications of teachers, along with creating a safe environment to welcome all students back to school in the near future. With the goal of training generations of students capable of self-control in life, adapting to the rapid change of the world and becoming a global citizen, WASS will make more efforts and strong determination to continuously improve and prove worthy of the trust of parents and students.

Wishing all the parents and students of WASS a great new year of 2022, with happiness and success. Wish the Western Australian School System will continue to grow strong, always rich in identity and contribute many beautiful values to the community and society.

Yours sincerely,

The Board of Principals of WASS.



If you have any concerns, please contact us.