Letter from Board of Principals

Welcome all parents to the first E-newsletter of the school year of 2020 – 2021. The Board of Principals of WASS wish our students a year full of energy for the school year ahead. The teachers and staff of WASS all look forward to working with parents and all students in this new academic school year of 2020-2021.

The Western Australian International School System would like to thank parents and students for putting their trust in our school throughout the years. The parents’ trust, and commitment to WASS in education and guiding students’ futures, which is the greatest honour for our school. This is also the driving force for WASS to continue heading forward and to make efforts to improve the quality of education exponentially, in order to achieve the learning outcomes and globalization for students in the future.

Each year brings positive change. This year, WASS offers the Vietnamese American Bilingual Program (VAP) which integrates modern and advanced educational methods into the curriculum. This approach provides academic knowledge and exciting lessons in addition to practical social life. WASS has also carried out major upgrades and developments of new campuses in order to meet the requirements of the increased demand for facilities and diversity in learnings.

This year WASS has commenced the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the Western Australian Certificate of Education. The school also has the first cohort graduate from the American Diploma Program. We hope that the students will continue to strive to achieve their own dreams and goals. We look forward to being parents and students’ companions on this journey.

We sincerely thank all parents, teachers and students who have contributed to creating a cohesive, friendly and developing community. So the new school year has officially started, and WASS would like to wish all students and parents a great start and a year full of enthusiasm and energy.

Best Regards,

The Board of Principals of WASS

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