Dear WASS beloved students, We are going to take the mid-semester 2 exam. It will be very challenging as it has had many innovations compared to the previous exams. But you should be calm and confident because you will see that the challenge is an opportunity for your progress. To be well prepared for the revision, you can consider these tips:
  • Choose an appropriate time and a quiet space:
You need a quiet space, avoiding the noise so you will easily concentrate better. You should sit near the window, use the natural light and airflow
  • Sleep enough:
Fundamentally, we need to sleep 8 hours a day to refresh your mind before you study. Besides, having a deep sleep is also the time for the growth hormones to be released to help us grow up faster.
  • Set your goal:
Do not review all subjects in one day. You can set up a priority table of subjects and plans to study daily. The last thing, when you are stress, you can regain the confidence by taking a deep breath and motivating yourself, “I can do it, I’m the winner, I’m the only one who can do it.” Good luck on your exam, Regards.

Academic Team