Since the early days of December, the hustle and bustle for the End of Semester 1 exams has been creeping into every classroom at WASS. Within the corridors and libraries at WASS, it is easy to see WASSers focused and busily preparing for the upcoming exams.

During those last days of Semester 1, classes at WASS become even more exciting due to f the activities from WASSers’ revision classes for examinations.

From early December, WASSers are in the final phase of preparing for these exams. Although the Bilingual and International programs are different, all students are still working hard to improve their understanding and knowledge of the content and concepts and skills covered during the 1st semester. The teachers have synthesized the content so that WASSers can comfortably review and apply their knowledge without being overloaded.

Many WASSers carry books even during break time so they can study anytime, anywhere. They also focus on studying in groups and drawing their own revision plans so that they can understand and apply the content learnt in their lessons.

The bustling atmosphere of Christmas is also an added motivation for WASSers to work and study to their potential. So that after those days of revision, they can confidently “boast ” to Santa about what they have achieved in the exam.

The exam season is near, WASS hopes all the students will study hard and feel confident with their knowledge, and achieve the scores that they deserve.