Water perhaps is always a never-ending joy to children, and the little ones at WASS Kindergarten are no exception to this. The field trip to Magic Bay waterpark with various physical training activities has brought tremendous excitement and surprises to the youngsters.

There, little WASSers got to dive in the sparkling freshwater, team up in bodily activities and were assisted by teachers in the simplest swim moves.

As for those who weren’t used to swimming, they could freely have fun under constant observation and support of the teachers to overcome their fears and become tougher as well as braver. Lastly, the children attended a magic show with spectacular acts during the field trip.

Every activity at WASS is implemented to aim that the children would learn and discover the fascinations from the surroundings for self-fulfillment. The bodily activities at the waterpark have brought to WASS Kindergarten children an amusing time and certain physical skills, fortifying their health and body elasticity.