On the 8th of October, the Wharton Global High School – Investment Competition officially started. This is the first event of this online financial investment simulation competition for high school students (Years 9 to 12) and teachers. Representing WASS is 62 students, divided into 12 teams to participate in “the battle” with international competitors.

This morning, the hall was full of a range of emotions. Prior to the event commencing, students from the different campuses and learning programs came together, shook hands, wished each other good luck and discussed the different aspects of the competition passionately. During the event, their eyes were glued to their laptop screens as they used their critical thinking skills to analyze the information presented to them. This then led to laughter and great joy when their strategies got the right results they were after.  

During several months of working together, teams will first learn the basic concepts of the stock market and its terminology, information analysis, development of investment strategies and making important decisions as a team. Accompanying the students will be experienced teachers and instructors to listen to questions and offer advice to our WASSers.

In addition to knowledge, the greatest “profit” that students will gain from the contest is the new skills that they will acquire and enhance. One of the most important skills is teamwork. Students learn to communicate, listen to others, organise tasks, present opinions, persuade, and most importantly solve problems together. All these experiences are not only encapsulated in the competition but also will support them in their future study and work orientations.

As shared by Mr. Stephen Zahra  (High School Principal) and Mr. Eduardo Agustin Cortez (Economics teacher), the skills that teams learn and enhance are the key to this competition. The group that is appointed as the ‘winner’ will be based on teamwork and the proposed investment strategies, and not only the profits of the portfolio.

We wish WASSers will achieve the goals they have set and bring proud achievements to their team and WASS in future competitions.