Parents always hope that their children will be healthy, hard-working and obedient. However, how can we be so sure that our kids will always follow what we teach or tell them? Someday, the children disobey us, what can we do to solve such situations? Let’s figure it out with WAPS.


Keeping  calm

When your children do not obey you, as usual, you will become irritable. Therefore, the conversation between you and your children will easily be more strained. In that case, you should take a deep and regular breath, drink water and keep silent for 30 seconds. After you calm yourself, let talk to your children again.

Talking to your children

Talking is an effective way to solve such problems. While having a talk with your children, you should look into their eyes and hold their hands, which help your children feel your care and love. You should talk clearly and slowly so that your children understand and follow what you say. Also, let explain gently why you want them to obey you. Besides, you should listen to your children, too because you can know and feel what they’re thinking then it can help you make more reasonable decisions towards your kids.


Determining when to listen

No one can guarantee that whatever adults say is completely right. Thus, you should teach your children what is the right thing to obey and when they should listen to advices. Whenever your children don’t want to follow what they’re told or they’re confused about what you ask them to do, let them know that they can ask you for explanation and advices. By doing so, it can help your children develop their analytics and evaluation skills.

We hope that our above tips can help you have more effective methods of teaching your children and building their characters and personality.