In the past, conflict is the origin, dynamic of movement and social development. Nowadays, conflict also has another “function” is to create an alarming level of school violence. To help students be aware of the consequences of conflict at a young age, on the morning in July 14th, the Western Australian school has selected the theme “Conflict resolution” for the regularly living skill classes. With humorous words and stories, the class was taken place in a playful and comfortable atmosphere by Mr. Nguyen Trong Nhan.


Sharing humorously of Mr. Nhan…

trường quốc tế Tây Úc

… bringing fun to the class

When talking about fight, disagreement, anger, etc. and their consequences, he’d been using funny illustrated pictures so that the students could approach this issue gently. Indeed, the students were always excited at every story shared by the teacher, enjoyed his funny walk on the podium and listened carefully then tried to outdo one another in answering questions.

Các em hào hứng tranh nhau trả lời câu hỏi của thầy Nhân

Students trying to outdo one another in answering questions

This was an opportunity for them to share their thoughts or conflicts with their friends. Each student shared a different personal story, but in general all of the stories were derived from the anger of a kid. After listening to what they had confided, Mr. Nhan gave them useful advices and lessons, so that they could realize the consequences of causing, holding conflicts in the mind and how comfortable and peaceful they would feel when clearing out all the conflicts.

Chia sẻ mâu thuẫn mà em đã gặp phải…

Sharing a conflict that they encountered…

trường quốc tế Tây Úc

…or disagreement between them and their friends

và rồi chăm chú lắng nghe những lời khuyên bổ ích từ thầy

and then listening intently to the advices from the teacher

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