During our fieldtrip to Kizcity, WASSers at the kindergarten had a chance to  role play as different characters working in their favourite jobs and had a lot of fun playing. Have you ever asked about passion and dream of your kids? At  kindergarten age, parents may think that their children are innocent, pure and does not have any particular career orientation, but at WASS, we believe that beautiful dreams and belief in the future always exists deep down in their minds. In their own worlds, children  always think about the wonderful things they will do or the person they will become. To promote their creativity to a maximum, they need a steady foundation to make their dreams come true. That is one of reasons why fieldtrips are constantly organised as annual activities at WASS in order for students to discover their world and realise their dreams an ambitions. At Kizcity, which is has Career-oriented theme, they can freely participate in interesting activities in an environment that includes sporting activities, water sports, acting as doctors, engineers, models or firefighters. All of the students, cooperate and  hold hands and concentration during participating activities. These are definitely our first successful step in supporting them in pursuing a passion and contributing communicability while they are children.