The field trip of WASS Kindergarteners has brought an exciting adventure to our students with Vietnam’s first interactive edutainment area that uses 3D Mapping technology – JP World.


Entering the exciting journey, the children were fascinated by a magical space with 14 areas with many different topics. In addition, the little angels also experienced the Dome Theater – a 720-degree dome theater showing educational films, animated films that won prizes at international film festivals. The students had unforgettable interactions with vivid images and colourful animals, such as flying or changing colours etc., making the little WASSers extremely excited.






The field trip to the JP World high-tech interactive edutainment area was also one of the new educational methods that WASS has been implementing in the 2019-2020 school year. By using modern technology in teaching and practicing, the lessons will be simpler and more evocative, thus making it easier to imprint on the students’ minds in a natural way.







The trip closed with bright smiles and faces full of happiness of the children, but it also intertwined with nostalgia when the journey came to an end. But little angels, don’t worry because the next field trip of WASS Kindergarten promises to bring all of you many more interesting surprises.