After a long social lockdown, WASS is overjoyed to welcome all of our dear students back to school. Through observation, we have witnessed excitement and happiness from the students. We are so happy to hear the school filled with laughter and joy from our WASSers.

Currently, all classes and activities are coming back to WASS. From the students’ point of view, they express their feelings of missing school, beloved friends and teachers. Our students are seen to be combining their joy with their enthusiasm for studying, they appear full of energy and ready to learn. Witnessing this positive change is what motivates us even more to improve our study planning processes. WASS’s teachers are always full of ideas and are constantly coming up with new and creative lessons that meet the standards of our educational program. We vow to support our students to fulfill their study programs during this period of 2019 – 2020 in the most successful way.     

A WASSers’s Ballet dance class

WASSers are eager to talk  about Natural Disasters and how to protect the environment

Relax with a yoga lesson.

Get creative with a robotics lesson.

The class becomes more exciting after a long time of no classes.

WASS hopes that our beloved students can maintain this energy, getting ready, both mentally and physically for the second-semester exams.