The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at WASS is for students who are not yet proficient or who do not yet meet the English requirements to enter the international or bilingual classes at the Western Australian International School System. Built on the English as Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) program, the ESL program is designed to gradually improve students’ English proficiency so that they can join one of the other two programs. Training programs are designed to provide the appropriate support for students in ESL classes. Depending on students’ abilities and English language proficiency, students will participate in the ESL program for approximately 1 to 4 terms:

  • Provide the opportunity, time, support and understanding to adapt to the aspects and habits of the international school, which may be different from their experiences at previous schools.
  • Provided appropriate support including modelling and creating the suggested buffer steps for language and learning content throughout the program.
  • Have more time to acquire new languages and concepts.
  • Be taught explicitly about grammar structure and vocabulary to meet the objectives and learning goals.

The program is structured in 3 subjects:

  • Core: developing skills such as grammar, reading and writing.
  • Listening and Speaking.
  • Applied: Students will use the content learned to apply to specific activities including making videos, presenting, composing, writing reports, assessing and commenting.