The first week of the new academic year 2019-2020 at the Western Australian International School System has very quickly been and gone. All WASSers have had a dynamic first few days with their beloved friends and teachers at WASS.

The new academic year 2019-2020 has begun at the Western Australian International School System. All students have assembled in full force after an eventful summer break. WASS is pleased to welcome all returning students who will be setting themselves new goals and pursuing greater aspirations in the coming year.

It was not long ago that the students were stood together before the mounted red flag on the first day, hand on their left chest, singing the national anthem at the opening ceremony. Now they have already finished the first week of school at WASS. 

Stepping into the first week of school, the WASSers showed how delighted and eager they were to meet the faces of their friends and teachers at WASS. Handshakes, smiles and hugs were all exchanged on the official first day.

And in the following days, the students finally had the chance to chat, acquaint themselves with new friends and teachers, and learn fun new lessons.

Having seen the classes, WASS has felt a very lively and wholehearted atmosphere generated by students’ ringing laughter, heated debates and studious dedication.

After the first week of the school year, all students have slowly got back into the rhythm of school activities at WASS. All WASSers are now ready to take on the new intellectual challenges which the school year 2019-2020 has to offer.

The Western Australian School System would like to wish all of our students a great year full of success and achievements.