“Dear Parents,

Students, who are from kindergarten to high school, had great fun celebrating Halloween day in October. Another important event was the career workshops conducted by Ms. Phoenix Vu, Master of Counseling and Career Orientation from Santa Clara University, USA. Now, please read on for a full coverage of school events from October.

Best regards,”

Dr. Christopher Poole-Johnson
Academic Director
Career Exploration Week 2016 – Discover Yourself
In response to the Career Exploration Week held on October 17th, WASSers enjoyed coming to school wearing the uniforms and costumes of their favourite possible future career choices.
Hand in hand for anti-bullying, let’s go PURPLE
With the message “Hand in hand for anti-bullying – let’s go PURPLE to school”, hundreds of students in purple filled the floors of the school on Spirit Day.
Traditional colours for United Nations Day 2016
On the 24th October, the kindergarten at WASS jubilantly welcomed United Nations Day 2016 by wearing the traditional costumes from various countries around the world.
Experiencing a City Tour
The October field trip for our kindergarten delivered many exciting things for our students. They discovered new things about Vietnam and its history and enjoyed seeing the folk art of water puppetry.
Discovering Water Puppetry
Our “classroom without walls” in October helped the primary WASSers to have not only the opportunity to admire traditional water puppet performances, but also an occasion to understand more about this traditional art form.
A fun filled day at the Minh Long ceramics
The school also organised a field trip a trip for high school students to the Minh Long Ceramics factory in Binh Duong City. Although the trip was only a day trip, students were interest to learn about the art of ceramics manufacturing and also had an opportunity to try their hand at making a number of ceramic items.
Career Seminar for High School students 2016
The speaker, Ms. Phoenix Vu, Master in Counseling and Career Orientation from Santa Clara University, USA, shared interesting stories related to how to choose a suitable career in the future, and at the same time, helped to answer many important questions raised by parents who also attended the seminar.
Halloween 2016
Students, who are from kindergarten to high school, had great fun celebrating Halloween day in October.

Dear Parents,

In order to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day 2016, the Western Australian International School System will organize a series of events to express gratitude to our devoted and dedicated teachers.

Through these events, WASS would like to enable the children to not only express their love for their teachers, expressed in many ways, through art, media and performance. Especially, through the night music show “My Teacher, My Inspiration” which is held on the evening of October 17th which promises to be an exciting event.

In addition, on November 25th, the school will hold the “WASS Education Fair 2016” which will provide parents with necessary information related to college education and popular majors such as engineering, science, health, law, and arts in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Best regards,

Art exhibition with the theme “Teachers in My Eyes”
As part of a chain of activities in November, in order to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on the 14th November, WASS will organize an art exhibition with products made by our kindergarten students.
Wall newspaper contest “Happy Teachers make Happy Students”
A lively and creative wall of newspaper pages made by our primary students is aimed to show their appreciation to their teachers during this special month.
Short film competition with the theme “What My Heart Wants to Say”
On November 17th, WASS will screen a number of short films with the theme “What My Heart wants to Say” made by our high school students. The films are made about the joyful and meaningful moments at school, and especially about their beloved teachers. Let’s wait for it!
Music Concert celebrating Vietnamese Teacher’s Day 2016
With the theme “My Teacher, My Inspiration,” on the night of November 17th 2016, the Music Concert organized by WASS promises to bring some wonderful and impressive performances from all grades.
WASS Education Fair 2016
On the morning of November 25th, the WASS Education Fair 2016 will be held. A large number of universities will be participating from Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand. This event will provide very useful information to both students and parents and will help open pathways to future study.

The WASS community would like to send our warmest wishes to members whose birthdays fall in this month of November.