Christmas is coming, students in Western Australian School System are eagerly waiting to receive gifts from Santa Claus. Alongside the letters bringing wishes to Santa Claus, WASSers also send their dreams and wishes through colorful paintings. Many creative paintings about Christmas with their wishes to send to Santa Claus have been completed. 

Let’s see the creative work from our WASSers for this season’s greetings!

(Artwork of student Nguyen Phan Thuy Linh – Class 11B)

(Artwork of student Nguyen Ngoc Uyen Phuong – Class WA8)

Students draw not only about the dream for a Merry Christmas all over the world, but also the desire for the pandemic ending. So everyone can have a warm Christmas…

(Artwork of Class Koala 3 – Dien Bien Phu Campus)

The works also show their infinite creativity when the pictures present so many characters such as Santa Claus, snow princess, reindeer. All appear vividly in WASSers’ paintings.

(Artwork of student Ho Khanh Huy – Class VAP3)

(Artwork of student Mai Anh – Class 4F)

Winter landscapes and dreams of ending the COVID-19 pandemic are also clearly shown through their colorful drawings.

All have brought a warm and happy Christmas atmosphere to every corner, for all members of WASS.