The charitable fundraising activities of WASS Kindergarten are always busy and bustling, attracting many participants with our students’ enthusiasm and loveliness, and also by the humanitarian purpose behind each event.

Recently, our WASSers had a sale event to raise money for WASS’s charity fund. The children prepared simple drinks, that were learned in cooking classes, to sell to  attendees. When receiving money, they carefully put it in the piggy bank in their section. When asked about the purpose of sales, a little WASSer explained, “I put money in the piggy banks, so that I can help those who are less fortunate than me”.

Charity sales have been a familiar activity with our little WASSers at WASS. In addition to directing children to participate in community activities, this is also an opportunity for them to get to learn business skills, to understand the value of money and also to teach our children about saving. Hopefully, the sales activities of WASS will continue to receive the support of parents, teachers and especially from our dear little WASSers.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful memories of ours WASSers: