Everyone often thinks that Science is a boring and tedious subject, especially for young persons. However, what flyer students are experiencing in the Science class of the summer course 2015 at Western Australian Primary and High School is totally different from what most of people are thinking. In the class, these little boys and girls not only listen to the teacher carefully but also discuss the lessons with each other ebulliently.

Summer will become more meaningful if students can study and play freely and comfortably with their friends. That is also what Western Australian School are doing for their students. One of their favorite subjects in here is Mr. Josh’s Science class, they are always eager to the new, interesting and useful lessons from him.

Apart from listening to what the teacher says, they also discuss the lessons ebulliently. and actively. Looking at their bright and alive faces, we can feel how much they are excited and looking forward to this class. After explaining the lesson, Mr. Josh goes to every student to check if they’re still confused about anything in the lesson or not. His devotion is also a reason that makes them always enjoy this Science class.

Here are some pictures in the classroom:

truong tieu hoc quoc te tay uc 1

Mr. Josh going to each table to explain the lessons if the students have any questions or confusion.

truong tieu hoc quoc te tay uc 3

These discussions help them remember lessons better…

truong tieu hoc quoc te tay uc 2

…and the students always enjoy in the class

truong tieu hoc quoc te tay uc 4

Ms. Quynh Vy – a teacher assistant, is supporting the students

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