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Our Kindergarten Education programs are developed and implemented based on a combination of the Vietnamese National Curriculum and the Western Australian Curriculum Framework with a balanced between learning and playing. The Kindergarten content focuses on personal and social competence as well as preparatory literacy and numeracy capabilities.



At WASS, child can start Kindergarten from 2 to the ages of 6 years old before starting Primary and High School. Kindergarten children start classes from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Please refer to our webpage. Learn more


Our class size will be approximately 15 to 20 Kindergarten students for each age group. Suitably qualified early childhood teachers, foreign teachers and teaching assistants work closely to support our students.

Our children participate in the following learning areas to achieve the goals of the curriculum frameworks:
  • Language – talking, listening, pre-reading, pre-writing
  • Maths – counting,
  • sorting, classifying, and measuring
  • Music & movement – songs & finger play
  • Large muscle activities – running, jumping and climbing
  • Small muscle activities – cutting, drawing, play dough
  • Social sciences – the world near home and faraway.
  • Care, concern and awareness of nature
  • Technology Social and emotional developmental program


  • Daily report
  • Monthly enewsletter
  • Semester report
  • Parents meeting

=> Please have a look at the sample daily routine here