To whom it may concern, I have a 3 year old son (named Ardan Keon) from a previous marriage (now married to a Vietnamese national) and we are looking at the feasibility of living in Vietnam with my son there 50% of the time. This means he will be living in Australia with his mother for 6 months of a year and then in Vietnam for the remainder of the year. This approach has challenges with regards to his schooling in future. I wanted to understand the following: a) Do you support having a student there for 1 semester only per year? If so, are the tuition fees a simple 50% difference? b) Are you following any Australian state or national curriculum, which would minimise the disruption to Ardan’s learning when he transitions between schools mid-year? c) Are the semesters in WASS based on a January-December year, or a July-June year? Look forward to hearing from you.