Dear Sir/madam  Hello,my name is Susy, In this letter I would like to announce you to consider if you hire my husband Paul Stacklin,58 ESL American teacher at your institution.(Attach is his picture).He is a China z visa holder n get FEC which expired on June 30.2017.His passport number 452072532.Many problem he got last 5 years since he left me with his two daughters in Indonesia, he kept moving from one country or city to others.He should show letter of no objection from me as his wife to avoid court cases n I could possibly charge company which is hired him conspiration to hide him n run from his responsbility. Also you could check his visa on his passport that he got 2 years contract at Semesta high school in central java between 2010 to 2012. As you know the owner of that school is affiliated to Fethulah Gullen foundation in Turk which did coup to Turk government, that foundation is join group with moslem radicalist group or ISIS. Besides,his right ear is totally deaf so make him not eligeble as a language teacher. I wonder parents would mad to send their children to this kind of educator. Most important schools,institution,and recruiter have to avoid and stay away to his serious problem on court and beaurocracy. He was in kunming,Gansu,Xian Shaanxi,n Zhejiang Ningbo,n keep move on new school term. Please let me know where is he in the new term if you know,n dont need to mention him about this letter.Let US embassy call him up. Im going to upload on youtube if US embassy in China protect n hide him. He ran away when I contacted American embassy. FYI, I heard he was hide by Shanjiago. org, contact person Cynthia  or Connie,(chinese),mobile: 8615898910721,or 8653182922799. They could  be cooperation to cheat Beilun mid school in Ningbo,and Guangrao no1 highschool in dongying Shandong. He might be in Vietnam now. This is very serious case, Please be cooperative. Thank you. Sincerely Susy Stacklin