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The Western Australian International School System offers the Pennsylvania Curriculum licensed by the Greenville School District.

The Pennsylvania Curriculum is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education according to the PA Common Core State Standards, which are closely aligned with the National Common Core (about 85%), with a few adjustments made to better fit the needs of Pennsylvania students.

WASS students who meet the graduation requirements of the program will be awarded the American Baccalaureate degree by Greenville High School (Pennsylvania, USA) with a recognized qualification at all schools in the US, Australia, Canada and other English schools worldwide.

1. Group subjects
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematic
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Fine Or Applied Arts
2. Requirements

Students participating in the American Baccalaureate program must complete a minimum of 25 credits (from Year 9 to Year 12) in subjects with the following credit scores:

Students entering Year 10,11,12 will be evaluated based on the equivalent credits on the transcript. In particular, in each school year, students will participate in at least 6 subjects along with physical education. To enter Year 11 and Year 12, students must accumulate a minimum of 10.5 credits and 17.5 credits respectively.