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  • E-newsletter of November, 2016

    Students, who are from kindergarten to high school, had great fun celebrating Halloween day in October. Another important event was the career workshops conducted by Ms. Phoenix Vu, Master of Counseling and Career Orientation from Santa Clara University, USA.
  • E-newsletter of October, 2016

    The series of WASS important events in September ended with the field trip for our kindergarten students. Among the various events was the International Day of Peace 2016 organised by the WASS Student Council. The event included a very impressive induction ceremony for nine outstanding student councilors.
  • E-newsletter of September, 2016

    The Western Australian school community is entering the second month of the new school year 2016 - 2017. Besides placing emphasis on achieving excellence in all school programs, we have also initiated a variety of activities to stimulate creativity and social development.
  • E-newsletter of August, 2016

    Welcome to the new school year 2016 – 2017 at the Western Australian International School System. The new school year is going to begin in the next few days and we are ready to present exciting and stimulating learning experiences to all our students.