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Our kindergarten students had an interesting field trip to Suoi Tien theme park, District 9 on the 21st April. During the trip they explored the colorful undersea world and learnt about intelligent marine life in the form of gray dolphins.

The journey to Suoi Tien Theme Park was an interesting visual experience for the children and helped to arouse their curiosity about the wonders of nature. The students were very happy, and ran around excitedly, shouting with delight when they saw many of the familiar animals such as turtles and lizards that they had learnt about in school. A special attraction that delighted the children was the large green aquarium that housed the performing dolphins.

Here the children were immersed in the world under the ocean, where they explored everything they could see and learnt more about the dolphin s species, such as their unique shape, size and habitat. The children were also thrilled and astonished upon seeing the amazing performance skills of the dolphins who lifted balls, danced and jumped through rings. Interestingly, the dolphins also knew how to do maths with simple calculations - the children were surprised to find themselves competing in maths with smart dolphins! 

The field trip ended with lots of laughter, lively lessons marine lessons about sea life, and new knowledge about the gray dolphins in the vast aquarium. Throughout the trip, the children also practiced many skills such as listening, lining-up - queuing, keeping silent and moving according to the coordinator’s instructions. Hopefully through this excursion the children learnt to love nature and to have a greater appreciation and understanding of marine animals.

Now, Let’s look back on some of the interesting pictures from this field trip!