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Admission Process

1. Advice

Parents and students will be consulted by our staff about the admissions of academic, facilities, ex-activities programs, enrollment records, admission requirements, study rules, fee and activities, transport information, summer course and school enrollment officially prescribed by the school and the education sector.

2. At the entrance
examination grades

Students in grades 1

Children have a valid birth certificate and their age prescribed by the Board of Studies and Training of Vietnam. After paying the enrollment fee, the school staff will guide parents as enrolment records, notification time fee, completed records.

Students of other grades

Step 1: Admission is based on academic performance report card, contacts or transcripts (notarized copies). Condition for approval: good or excellent academic record, good personality.

Step 2: Students should be tested in English for classification entrance the Western Australia program.

3. Admission Results

Based on the student results with valid records, according to regulations of education, Admission Council will notify parents of student the result within 3 days.

Admission Council including the principal, academic program director of Western Australia and the professional in charge of Education and Training program .

4. Admission Conditions

After receiving notice of admission, parents must pay for the school fee following the program of studying and activities within one week from the date of notification and complete all documents for student admission prescribed by the school.